About US


Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc. is a U.S. based company, with worldwide manufacturing facilities, producing environmentally friendly metallic abrasive, foundry sand additives, and iron products that reduce waste, minimize emissions and reduce cost to consumers.

Since 1989, Chesapeake has developed and manufactured sand additives, iron oxides, and recyclable metallic abrasive products for customers who seek to utilize economical and environmentally friendly alternatives in industrial applications. In the past 17 years, as the interest in recyclable abrasives and iron oxides increased we have continued to identify and respond to customer needs, improve existing products, and develop new products that enhance the productivity of our customers and quality of the environment. 
To complement our exceptional product line, Chesapeake has a management team with direct knowledge of the industry, as well as considerable research experience and unique administrative skills.


The Chesapeake management staff consists of: 

Our management team represents extensive experience in corporate finance, manufacturing, governmental regulation, maritime applications, foundry consulting, and abrasive consulting.

Don Sanchez - Chairman

Ken Sanchez- Chief Executive Officer, President

Tyler Meagher- Vice President of Operations

Popi Paragios- Director of Finance

Chris Rehak- Customer Service & Sales

Ed Furst- Production Manager

Ok-In Baek- President Asian Operations

Eun-Suk Jae- Administration

Seung-Su Yang- Asian Operations Manager


Commitment to Mission:

Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc.'s goal is to provide innovative, cost effective, environmentally sound products which exceed the expectations of our customers. Since the founding of Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc. in 1989, CSP has remained focused upon its core mission and has been increasingly successful as a result. We identify and respond to customer needs, improve existing products, and develop new products that enhance the productivity of our customers and quality of the environment. Our product line is designed to help our customers meet strict environmental and occupational safety requirements. These products, when used in industrial applications, increase productivity, reduce the amount of waste generated, and improve the quality of the products produced by our customers. Our core business continues to grow as we seek new methods to achieve this end.

Commitment to Quality:

The Quality Assurance Department designs and executes the necessary manufacturing process systems and controls to insure that the final product meets the standard of excellence mutually agreed upon by management and our customer. Samples are taken daily for laboratory analysis. All levels of the organization carefully and continuously review in-house and independent laboratory reports. Every employee is part of the production process improvement team.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

The marketing staff continuously visits job sites and constantly communicates with customers, state, and federal agencies to obtain vital feedback on customer needs and regulatory changes. This practice has enabled us to improve our products and keep up to-date on market trends and changes in federal and local requirements that impact our customers. Chesapeake Specialty Product's staff offers personalized service before, during and after the sale. Our customers benefit from years of technical experience at no charge! Not only are we able to determine the right product for the job, but we offer assistance to ferrous foundries for the elimination of casting defects and we advise the surface preparation industry (painting contractors) and the steel structure owners about containment, equipment, blasting techniques, and reclamation methods abrasive blast cleaning. It is a Total Systems Approach with "hands on" assistance.