Cleaning Efficiency

Recyclable metallic abrasives clean up to 50% faster and provide better profile control. Typical savings of up to 25% in paint with fewer premature paint failures (no embedment or hackles) can be realized.

Profile Control

Profile Control prevents premature coating failure and reduces paint consumption. A conventional abrasive product can cause an inconsistent profile, rogue peaks, imbedment or hackles. More paint is needed to coat the surface when compared to a consistent profile. Even more important is the elimination of premature coating failure. Rogue peaks or imbedment of blast media abrasive may pass the holiday test or dry film gauges but may show up at a later date as premature failure. Using subangular, metallic abrasives avoids such problems. They are specifically engineered to remove paint, rust, and millscale while imparting a consistent, controllable profile. The end result - savings of 10-20% in paint, VOC's, labor costs and, most importantly, elimination of premature coatings failure.


Superior Durability

Recyclable metallic abrasives average between 40 and 60 on the Rockwell C scale and can be recycled hundreds of times. This reduces the cost of the blasting medium and reduces the amount of waste to be disposed.

Cleaner Work Environment

Non-dusting recyclable metallic abrasive eliminates most dust problems in a containment system. Less dust in the containment means less possibility of escape into the outside air and adverse community reaction. Less dust also means less carry over dust to other personnel working outside the containment and less liability risk for the structure owner. Blasting with non-dusting recyclable metallic abrasive enhances visibility, reducing accidents and improving worker morale and productivity.

90% Reduction in Generated Waste

Facility owners have cradle to grave responsibility over their waste streams. Current laws mandate the minimization of waste. Removing lead based paint with recyclable metallic abrasive produces pounds of hazardous waste versus tons of hazardous waste with one use slag/sand abrasive. Plus the hazardous lead waste (blast debris) can be given to a lead smelter for recycling into useful products such as automobile batteries. Mineral abrasive blast debris cannot be economically recycled to recover lead waste. Thus with metallic abrasive, you create a resource from waste and totally eliminate future liability.