FOUndry Sand Additives


SphereOX Foundry Sand Additive®

The world famous sand additive that eliminates veining, penetration, pinholes, burn in and lustrous carbon casting defects.  SphereOX® is the only spherical foundry sand additive developed and produced specifically for the foundry industry.  It is a synthetic engineered sand additive, consistently more pure than other sand additives or natural oxides. When used as an additive in foundry cores/molds, SphereOX® significantly reduces surface defects and improves the quality of the castings.  It has excellent flow properties and requires less resin to achieve the required mold core bond strength.

FineOX Iron Oxide®

FineOX is an economical, high purity synthetic iron oxide product developed and produced by Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc. for the foundry industry.

SphereOX No-Coat Foundry Sand Additive®

SphereOX No-Coat has specific thermal advantages to provide surface finish better than any other sand additives. Interestingly, castings made with SphereOX No-Coat can have better surface finish than castings made with core/mold coatings.