JETgrit is a high-density, angular, synthetic oxide abrasive designed to dramatically speed paint, rust and scale removal from steel surfaces while imparting an excellent anchor pattern. JETgrit® provides 50% faster cleaning and requires 50% less abrasive.

JETgrit's mix of dense, hard, irregular-shaped particles maximizes blast cleaning efficiency for removing paint, rust, and mill scale.  The result is a cleaner surface, with high speed cleaning at a lower cost. JETgrit® meets SSPC AB-1 and California Air Resources Board (CARB) Standards.


Physical and Chemical Properties:


Bulk Density: 160lbs/cu ft

Less than 0.1% Free Silica:  "Free silica" includes amorphous silica and the crystalline forms that are not chemically combined with any other elements. Silica that is not "free" is chemically bound in another compound. In this material, the element silicon is present in the form of silicate compounds and is not in the form of a compound consisting of SiO2 as implied by the analytical data.

Heavy Metals:  Jetgrit® falls below the EPA threshold for the following heavy elements:  As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg, Se, Ag, Nitrate. 

A Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

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